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 To identify and recruit a diverse group of youth leaders and adult advisors from community, faith-based and all other youth serving organizations from each of Maryland’s 23 counties and Baltimore City to join the new Statewide Youth Tobacco Use/Vape Prevention Action Team. The Action Team will ultimately lead a Statewide Youth Movement to protect youth from the harms of tobacco use and vaping in Maryland. Recruited youth will be invited to attend a Youth Summit on May 20th, 2023, in College Park, MD from 10:00am - 4:00pm. 

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Youth leaders are invited to work as a team to determine an official name for the “Maryland Youth Tobacco Use/Vape Prevention Action Team.”  Youth-led work begins with a youth-led voice and identity, therefore, bring your creative energy to set the tone by renaming our youth action team!

An Action-Packed Team needs
an Action-Packed Name!

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Action in Training!

Youth leaders will have the opportunity to participate in trainings that provide a fun learning experience to understand the harms of tobacco use/vaping and preventative measures for possible substance use.

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Youth movements need youth leaders to participate in order to stay

connected to the interests and concerns of youth.

1. Youth will have an opportunity to connect and build relationships with other youth leaders across the state of Maryland. 

*Youth will have the opportunity to win prizes and receive incentives for participation.

2. Youth will strengthen their skills and leadership potential to support their future endeavors.

3. Youth will receive documented community service hours for their participation.

The Youth Action Team utilizes a youth-adult partnership model to address the issues young people are facing. Adults are invited to share with youth the power to make decisions and show confidence in young people’s judgement. Adults working with our youth understand that youth are an asset to creating community change and a future that youth want to live in.

  1. Identify one Adult Advisor that will be able to travel and work with the recommended youth on the Action team.

  2. Youth recommended should be able to commit to attending the Youth Summit in College Park on May 20, 2023.

  3. No previous experience involving tobacco/vaping prevention work is required.

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Action Strategy!

Youth leaders will work together to identify strategies and initiatives to advocate for tobacco use/vaping prevention and to promote cessation among youth populations in Maryland.

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Action Initiatives!

Youth leaders will work together with CADCA support to identify an Action Plan to address youth tobacco use/vaping prevention and to promote youth quitting.

Imagining Future Action! 

Youth leaders will work with CADCA to identify plans to take what they’ve learned and share with other youth tobacco prevention groups across Maryland to promote similar tobacco use/vaping prevention and quitting strategies/activities.

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